Details, what do I mean by details?!  Well, let's just say that when I am doing something I like to know that I am doing it right. When it is something I really love doing, I want to know that I am doing it as close to perfect as possible.  It has been a blessing and a curse throughout my life.

Though many people see sewing as a person just taking two pieces of fabric, making a few cuts here and there, throwing the pieces together on a machine, pushing down a foot pedal and voila! a finished piece of something.  I am here to tell you that for Jen and I and many others that sewing it is by far so much more!!!

First comes the fabrics.  Jen and I do not just go to the cheapest sections of any fabric store (in person or online) to get our fabrics.  While some places to have quality fabrics at low-ish prices most cheap fabric is just that, CHEAP!!  Which means that fabric will not wear the test of time, nor will not hold their colors for long.  It may shrink in funny directions and is just not worth the time and effort needed to make that amazing final product.  While Jen and I do strive to purchase our fabrics in the most economical way possible, we refuse to purchase cheap crap, period.  It may cost a bit more but the quality makes a huge difference and I have always believed in QUALITY vs QUANTITY!  I would rather make one outfit that will last for generations than to make 10 outfits that won't last until next year.

Next comes construction.  Jen and I are certainly your "measure twice, cut once" type of people.  In fact, I find myself sometimes double, triple or quadruple checking the measurements before cutting simply because it has to be exactly right.  This also goes for fabrics that have a true directional print, no matter how subtle, if it is there we are going to do our absolute best to make sure that everything is going in the correct direction and that no matter which section of the outfit you are looking at everything lines up as closely as possible.  Nothing looks worse than to see a piece where things just don't line up, especially when the print is large!  Drives me bonkers!! 

Than we come to the little touches.  Things like flat felled seams, consistent ruffles/gathers, precise thread tucks, and top-stitching.  While to most people they probably wouldn't notice these things unless pointed out to them, to Jen and I, these are huge.  For starters, we want every piece to be comfortable and durable.  We want the children and/or adults wearing our pieces to be truly comfortable in whatever activities they enjoy and we want our pieces to last wash after wash, year after year.  We want people to know and trust that when they purchase something from us, it is well worth the money and it is something they can pass down via sibling to sibling, cousin to cousin, friend to friend, family to family, or generation to generation.  We face our flat felled seams outwards and in the same directions so that the wearer can have a nice smooth surface on the inside and avoid rubbing on the outside.  Flat felled seams also create very strong seams that will most certainly pass the test of time, washing and wearing.  While Jen and I do have slightly different methods of ruffling, we do have consistent methods for gathers.  No matter which one of us creates something for you though the end result will be the same quality and comfort that you will come to expect, know and trust with us.  Thread tucking, what does this entail?  Whenever you have a store purchased item you are bound to find that one little thread that when it gets pulled, snagged or cut your outfit (that you spent good money on) begins to fall apart.  This can happen on the bottom hem of a shirt or along the inner seam under the arm or pretty much anywhere for that matter.  Why does it happen?  Well simply put the person sewing it ended their threads, cut it and moved on.  Anytime that I have an ending thread, that will not be encased and be stitched over in another section, I always knot those threads and thread them back inside the garment.  This may seem a bit extensive, even with modern machines that do a wonderful job of anchoring a thread but I don't ever want any of the pieces I create to ever succumb to one little thread.  I would honestly be devastated and it is a pet peeve of mine about store bought clothing so I refuse to allow it to happen to any of my pieces!  As for top-stitching, this really helps to anchor a garment, secure a seam where a flat felled seam is just not appropriate and gives an overall polished look.

I know that for some details can be boring or not seem to be worth their time but I can guarantee you that they are more than worth mine and Jen's time. They are a necessary and will always be taken seriously.  I wholeheartedly believe that they are also something that sets us apart from others.  It will always be QUALITY over QUANTITY and it is all due to the details!!

Yours Truly,
Maura Jean

*Disclaimer:  While I am American and I have taken many English courses I am a phonetic speller and terrible with grammar.  I do my best to re-read and spell check everything possible but please forgive me if there are any mistakes, I really do try my best!  :)


Joy Gipson
08/07/2013 15:38

Bravo! I'll fully confess this makes me want to buy a whole wardrobe full. I think many of us can totally relate to the need to do things RIGHT, and to the frustration of paying good money just to find out that what you just bought has shoddy construction.. But I'll never be a sewer so I'm grateful to find people like you. It seems harder and harder to find people who value excellent quality or even have a clue what that means!!!

Joy Gipson
08/07/2013 15:44

I didn't really just contradict myself though it looks like it lol. Though many of us value a job well done in what we do, it seems like not many who make the things we buy have the same value...

Maura Maund
08/07/2013 15:52

Thank you so much Joy! It really means a lot to me when someone notices the quality and effort put into each piece! I feel that if a person is to spend their hard earned money on something, regardless of price point, that it should still be quality. I have been known to not purchase things because I've been disgusted with the workmanship of the mass produced item. I truly look forward to creating something for you in the future. :)


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