You know the song "Give a little Bit"? That song kind of embodies something we creative types have deep in our soul, the need to share what we love with others. And this website, this company, this is what Maura and I love, and we want to share it with everyone. Each piece we make has pieces of our heart sewn right in (figuratively, of course, otherwise I am pretty sure we would be in violation of some trade laws), and we have a hard time letting go of the items we make. Not that we don't want you to have them, but we fall in love. 

It starts with the fabric. We don't just get fabrics because they are the "it" thing or because it is on sale or any of that, we actually gasp and say, "Oh, I love that!" Whether it is the color, or the pattern, or the texture, we have to love the fabrics. It is a love affair with textiles. And I am okay with that. There are worse vices in the world. On that note, I keep staring at fabrics, and I kind of want to go play with them. Maybe you'll get to see some new creations soon!




Ellen Dockery-Reger
07/30/2013 10:43

I think the love of fabric is genetic. Some of my earliest memories are of walking through the fabric store, just barely tall enough to see the bottom of the bolts. But I could smell that wonderful new fabric smell, cotton, silk, wool, blends - each fabric had its own smell.


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